1. I am sincerely interested in why you believe that the Lord is returning, in this context as you describe, within our life times. I’m not being pessimistic or even doubtful of that, but I do find it depressing to understand that all this may take yet thousands of more years in our time, given that God only works in his time. Selfishly, I am not feeling strong enough to accept that things may only continue to go down this path of tyranny within my lifetime and possibly many more generations. It should be enough for me to know that this will work out EVENTUALLY and that some future people will be spared all this. For me, and I suspect a lot more of us, it’s not enough. I NEED to see progress and this turn around and justice and truth to prevail. So if we are not entering tribulation then what are the signs along the way for this reset we long for?

    Thank you and God bless you all.

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