GameStop & Robinhood Explained & Why Silver is NEXT!

This very well could be one of THE most important shows we ever do on Resistance Chicks. Not only are we going to explain to you what is going on with #GameStop #Robinhood & #Citadel we’re going to show you behind the veil into what could end up being the long awaited collapse of the billionaires’ system on #WallStreet and the #Stockmarket We’ll show how they’ve been manipulating us all and why NOW is the time to purchase silver if you’ve ever considered buying it before! You don’t want to miss this show! Link to where we buy our precious metals below!

GameStop Robinhood A Case of Gullivers Travels Lilliput

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Link to SD Bullion where we purchase our precious metals. They are not a sponsor, we just like them and they are a Christian company!

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    Want to leave my info because I don’t want to lose the blessings from God through you two beautiful girls. Please add me.

    1. Aww, thank you for doing so Grace, that means a lot to us! Blessings on you! I’ll make sure you’re added to the list! ~ Michelle

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