Canadians Fight Tyranny and Win! Mice Plague in Australia, London’s Massive Freedom Rally 5/30/21

In today’s top news stories from around the world: We see massive victories come out of Canada! A family of four who fled from #Canada to Mexico after becoming concerned with the government increasingly using COVID-19 to impede on citizens’ rights has recently had a big win for #freedom! #Alberta has it’s Largest Anti Lockdown Protest. The case is FINALLY dropped against #PastorTimStephens of #FairviewBaptistChurch. #JustinTrudeau’s #Cryptocurrecy, anti Lockdown, Red Pilled brother #KyleKemper you never heard about! #australia sees a weird #miceplague effecting farmers and many others! And #London once again hits it out of the park with their latest Freedom Rally! All of that and much more, join us LIVE!!!



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