BREAKING NEWS About Resistance Chicks… MUST WATCH!

Masfaith3 Channel. Our Mothership Exploded By the Big Tech Company: Youtube For a video we just made. You can find the first video on several other sites. Bitchute, Brighteon, Rumble, Odysee, JoshWhoTV, Part 1 ***#Silversqueeze is Happening! Putin Takes On Big Tech; Canada’s Crazy Lockdown Rules 1/31/2021 1 of 2*** The #SilverSqueeze really is happening, DEALERS ARE SELLING OUT! On today’s TOP news stories from around the world! The #SilverSqueeze really is happening, DEALERS ARE SELLING OUT; #Putin Takes on #BigTech at #Davos and the #WorldEconomicForum … Canada’s #Lockdown rules get even crazier and #Poland fights hard for #DigitalFreedom … and much more!
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Dana Bollwerk
Dana Bollwerk
10 months ago

Thank you both for your courage and commitment to God and TRUTH!


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