Join us 10 TONIGHT! 2 hour Premiere of From Piggie to Pork Chop w/ Resistance Chicks & Kansas Cowboy

Come and join us tonight, 10 PM EST, on Patriot Gallery’s birthday for the PREMIERE of: From Piggie to Pork Chop. Here at God’s Little Acre we believe God designed us to be a part of where our food comes from. For the past several decades, humans have become far too distant from the food they consume and this creates a chasm in society where we no longer appreciate or are thankful for what goes into our bodies. Look around, society is not benefiting at all from this rift, we are less healthy than ever before, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Raising our own pork and chicken is all part of a spiritual journey for us and we hope to show you how natural God made this process to be. We ARE supposed to be connected to the food we eat, caring for the animals and plants while they are alive, in order that we may honor them as they provide the nutrition God designed our bodies to derive from them. We have been so blessed by caring for these animals, loving them, feeding them and yes, even cuddling them. This is how LIFE is supposed to be. They can eat the grass and food we can’t eat, we need the protein they provide and the soil needs the fertilizer they produce. It’s only since man tried to mess with God’s natural cycle that the health of our bodies and soil ran amuck. We’re here to regenerate that cycle, God’s perfect design. We raise Kune Kune hogs, which are a pastured heritage breed. Since we are a suburban homestead, our pigs are raised on mowed grass and truck loads of donated produce, with breads and other donations as treats!

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2 Hour Premiere tonight, 10 PM EST… Here at God’s Little Acre we believe God designed us to be a part of where our…

Posted by Resistance Chicks on Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Watch the Trailer Below!!!!

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