Read Along: 1st Part Each State Has A Guardian Angel. Gold Silver Coins The Kings Money!


Parts 2, 3, 4 Peace for Europe USA Comes From Justice Christmas Special

We the people retain all political power! Peter asked, “should a man obey men or God.” Knowing the answer is “God”. Obeying God means obeying the Bible. The Bible says to obey the Constitution.
It doesn’t matter if Gov. Newsome or Mike Dewine makes a degree or a law, a rule then tells people to obey. Was this from God?
These men serve the people in God’s place. God ordained government to punish the wicked and reward good behavior for him on this earth. The Bible says no one should fear government for doing the right thing but to be fearful if they are doing wrong. Criminals should fear the government.
We are the double Check System! A whistle blower system of private random citizens like the jury system. Made up of registered voters, or people with an address of legal age to randomly pick to investigate, check out, act on any accusations of government officials not upholding their obligation based on the Bible. Laws of nature and Nature’s God. Self-evident written in each of us. Common Law System!
“Keep your word before God and Man!”
God lead me to the Truth, I internally told the Truth. It took the internal power of God to say that!
Throwing off Tyranny, for everyone in America!


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