Meat For A Year! Baby Chick Day! 🐣 πŸ₯

Meat For A Year! Baby Chick Day! 🐣 πŸ₯Real Independence. Feed Yourself! Raised, process, store.

Your parents should have taught you growing up: Do it yourself! No one is your slave. Everyone growing their own food. Soon Americans will learn to ignore the laws, legal papers, deeds, titles, etc. for the last hundred year. Like DC and government officials World Wide for 100 years have been ignoring the Christian ethical and moral laws. God will be in you, empowering you, leading you with an anointing. Healing your mind and physical body. Just go back and get your granddaddies land back that was stolen from your family by these mad men’s granddaddies. Only gold and silver coins are the only money. Everything else, even backed by gold, was counterfeit.

Excerpt from Isaiah 58 Ministries blog:

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