MAGA In Chaos, Tempers & Opinions Are HOT! 🔥

There are a whole host of issues with Trump… But he’s our president, he’s the one we voted in, in 2020. If the body of Christ doesn’t redeem that, we failed. It’s not about Trump, it’s about what they stole from us. And I can guarantee you this, Trump (or any other Republican president nominee of it’s not him) will only win if/when the body of Christ rises up and takes back our political system. Here’s what people don’t understand, the failings of Trump are not his failings alone, they are ours. If we had been doing our job as the church, 2020, covid, etc never would have happened. We like to blame Trump, when really it’s our own responsibility, not one man. Did he fail, yes, would he have if we’ve been doing our job, no. So church, lets get to it!!!  Watch Below!

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