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Steve Webster
Steve Webster
6 months ago

Despite not asking for donations I want to support you girls, and your mom too, in this journey of yours. So I just now set up a monthly donation to help make it possible for you to do what you do for all of us full time. I don’t yet know what my mission is, but I do know this is yours and while I find mine I can at least support others in theirs.

BTW, I loved hearing your story of your awakening and I had not heard it before. I so relate to it and I am so much in agreement with you on it no longer being acceptable to sit on the sidelines and not pick sides or speak up. Everyone is now being forced into the fight and this especially has to be true for the church. Separation of church and state was one of the big downfalls of the nation. The pendulum is beginning to swing back to the right and I believe it is picking up a lot of momentum. Look out deep state! Repent!

God bless you all and thank you for being part of my own spiritual journey.

Steve Webster
Steve Webster
6 months ago

Please pray for my uncle James (aka Gus) who is in the hospital tonight due to a massive heart attack. He has been in surgery for a few hours today and they will continue tomorrow. They have a pump delivering his blood so his heart won’t have to, in the meantime. This is the third time he has undergone heart surgery in the last 2 years. This is extremely serious and it calls for a miracle, but that’s what God does best. I am asking for all the prayer power we can summon to move God to save him and help he and his wife with recovery. Please pray with me. Thank you.

Steve Webster
Steve Webster
6 months ago
Reply to  Steve Webster

just an update, my uncle made it through surgery today and it was all due to God. Praise the lord. The surgeons did say though that this is the last one for him as there is nothing more they can do for his heart if it happens again. So now I will be praying for him to make some lifestyle changes, like some exercise, in due time. They’ve already been eating very healthy since the last one. I want to thank all who prayed for him/us. I have no doubt it is only by the grace of God that he is still alive. Thank you Resistance Chicks family and thank you Lord.


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