I am not afraid of what men can do…I am exhilarated at what God is getting ready to do

Amazing word from one of our viewers when they shared our video on Solomon’s wisdom. You need to hear this word TODAY!

Wokey Girl .  I like the excitement, anticipation and the built up in the word patience…it will be phenomenal and worth all the wait…The light will blind the darkness and they will have no where go to…except repent or suffer the consequences of their evil, hate and corruption.  
We need to look to God not to man.  Everyone seems to have their special Intel source or secret agent that they cannot reveal.  Mine is God.  I have learned to hear His still small voice.  God knows and sees everything and He is asking us right now…do you trust me more then man?  Do you remember when Peter came out of the boat to walk on water to Jesus but got scared when he hard the wind and saw the waves and because of fear started to sink?  When he had his eyes of the Lord his steps were solid…but when he took his eyes off of His Lord and Savior…He SUNK!    
Yes the Book of Revelation and Daniel is prophetically real and will happen…BUT THE THING IS…The time is not yet.  How do I know this.  God tells us all the mile markers in his word… and there are still many things to happen before the very end.  GOD IS ON HIS TIME TABLE…..And I just love this…NOT ON THE DEEP STATE OF SATAN’S TIME TABLE.  GOD IS ALMIGHTY, ALL KNOWING AND EVERLASTING…HE KNEW OF ALL WHAT WE SEE BEFORE OUR EYES WAY BEFORE IT HAPPENED.  I praise God that there is no one like Him and there never will be…and know that God will not let our nation be stolen from HIM OR US!
God has this!  You are about to see INCREDIBLE SUPERNATURAL MANIFESTATIONS OF GOD…I have not doubt about this.  God is the “ONLY ONE”  that can destroy all the depths and scope of this global evil, perform restoration and heal our land.  HE IS GOD AND NOTHING IS TOO HARD FOR HIM.  You might laugh and say to yourself …yeah right…all I can say to those of you with that mind set is this…WAIT AND SEE, AND AS MOSES RAISED UP HIS ROD TO SWOLLEN SERPENTS AND SPLIT THE RED SEA…GOD SAYS  STAND STILL AND BEHOLD THE SALVATION OF THE LORD.  GOD CLOSED THE WATERS ON THEIR ENEMIES JUST LIKE HE WILL DO NOW.   WHEN THE RED SEA SPLIT IN HALF THIS TIME HIS PEOPLE WILL BE SET FREE. AND THEIR ENEMIES WILL BE NO MORE.

God says fear not I will never leave you or forsake you. I WILL ALWAYS DO WHAT IS JUST!  I will not let Jezebel steal Naboth’s garden…It does not belong to her…BUT TO ME!  WOW! God will not let the DemonRats steal our country…It does not belong to them it belongs to God.God destroyed Jezebel and the dogs ate her body.  It is a frightening thing to think you can outdo or outsmart God. The consequences are always grave!
God will not let the baby ‘BE SWITHCED” and stolen in the night. What do I mean about the baby stolen in the night?…I will let this video explain…Who you will see on this video are two sisters. Their names are Leah and Michelle.  I love these two sisters. They are so hysterical in this video.  I see a little bit of Diamond and Silk in them.  They crack me up.  They are simple loving farm girls that love God and his word, harvest their own food and have a dog walking business.  The thing I love most about them is their total conviction in God and his deliverance. 
What in the world am I talking about.  Listen to this :  
God bless you all beloved Patriots of the ONLY ONE TRUE LIVING GOD!…All is well as the Shunammite woman proclaimed…All is well!


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    1. God is good all the time Dawn. He has you in His Heart and loves you with a love that penetrates anything it touches. I just re-read what I wrote above…sorry for the misspelled words. I will get the corrected version over to the girls. There is no question in my heart that the Holy Spirit was the real author. We are told to be strong in the Lord and the power of His Might…not ours…He holds you in the palm of his hand…He will never leave you or forsake you. God bless you Dawn Franklin.

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