A lot Going on at God’s Little Acre Today 👩‍🌾Providing For Yourself and Your Family


A lot Going on at God’s Little Acre Today 👩‍🌾Providing For Yourself and Your Family
Without a grocery store.
masfaith3@gmail Outside Cincinnati, Ohio Invaluable Information. Just come ad film.
Everyone is Welcome to join a class on Butchering, slaughtering, and processing animals. A Pig. Weighing the meat, storing, making lard, for soap, lotions, food cooking, sausage making, and much more. Time is limited for us so we are rushed to do this on April 9,10, and 11, 2023. Easter Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday for sausage making. We will be Starting Sunday each day, after 4:00 pm Eastern until the job is done. 2 Kune Kunes to do.
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Video from 2 years ago: https://www.resistancechicks.com/join-us-10-tonight-2-hour-premiere-of-from-piggie-to-pork-chop-w-resistance-chicks-kansas-cowboy/

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