5 Steps To Taking Down TYRANNY! 🔥

5 Steps To Taking Down TYRANNY! 🔥

1 Yourself God is ruler of yourself.

2 Come out from the World System, even if it is mentally. Be you separate.

    Be not unequally yoke with unbelievers. Whatever you can. Get out of

    the religion is Ishtar: Public School

3 Baptism of the Holy Ghost power over governments, Peter had this power.

      Take down Idols. False religions. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the power to salvation. There is

      only one God. Be not dependent but independent.

4 Start doing it: chickens, gold and silver coins, homeschool, canning, garden, pigs, cows, land,

       You will face opposition from the false idol-worshipping neighbors, government, and family

       members. Praying in the spirit, being led by God.

5 Start cursing those cursed things around you. Cursed things, the devil’s lies, created

    inventions of demons. Not blessed by God. Listen to video
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