🚨😳 Trump Launches #QuantumLeap Breaking Down The GOOD, The BAD & The UGLY!

🚨😳 Trump Launches #QuantumLeap Breaking Down The GOOD, The BAD & The UGLY!


Facebook Quantum Leap Bad guys. Hitlers Scientist. The poisoners, the people experimenting on all of us. Thumbnail. The shape is a Chinese sign for wisdom, Yin Yang, the Red Dragon, from a blog I did a little while ago.

Explained easily. Just few conspirer to hurt Billions.

1:08:00 The end first. The most detailed and comprehensive eye-opener and answers: Solution. Turn to God, cry out to God. God help us! forgive us for not obeying you. Heals us, the land, the country based on James chapter 5. Forgive us for not obeying the Constitution, The Founding Fathers. ***God is right.***
The Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution based on God’s love for all of us. God’s Word.
***The love of money is the Root of all evil.*** God commands we use only Gold and silver coins. So does the Constitution.
Do not trust men. Jesus died so God can speak to you. You can talk to God and he can talk to you. Together with God. We can fix the evil done by a few people. Happy Purim. Reverse everything. We the People can be right which is God’s power.

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