🔴Surprise ⛄SNOW Life 🌨At God s Little Acre 🤣🤣February 9 2021

Life at God’s Little acre with almost 10 inches of snow! I think that’s the biggest one day total since 2008 and one of the top five snows since 1916. And best of all the weathermen totally got it wrong which makes it all the better no one was expecting this Surprise! We had to shovel some walkways Good thing the girls got some nice pompous grasses before the snow hit. A HUGE shout out to Kansas who started well before dawn and worked for HOURS shoveling the driveway, clearing bridges, making walkways for the chickens and cleaning off the deck! https://www.currentresults.com/Weather/Ohio/Places/cincinnati-snowfall-totals-snow-accumulation-averages.php

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