💥 Day of Reckoning- Worldly Christians Beware: God’s Hand of Protection is Lifting

💥 Day of Reckoning- Worldly Christians Beware: God’s Hand of Protection is Lifting
Public School. How do you know your children are not being taught by High Priestess of the Devil. Is she so nice and kind? Satan comes as an angel of light. Sacrificing children in public school to Satan Satanic Ritual Abuse. Did you learn from Satanic Priestess and were you sacrificed to Satan and suffer Satanic ritual Abuse. It is the battle for your mind. Not just sexual Abuse. Did you read the Bible Glorify God or Man? Glorify man’s achievements, inventions. That is Babylonian, Nimrod. Man can accomplish anything. Nimrod is god.
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1 year ago

What is sin according to scripture? The transgression of the Law. Christians teach that the Law is done away with. So what are you ladies talking about?

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