💝♥️God Says The Storm Is About To Hit, Month of Adar, Purim and Prophesy🐝🐝Pt 1 & 2

Ask God to help you share this video with everyone you know and people you do not know. As Saints, Those who love their neighbor as Jesus asks of us, share this to Liberate America from 100 years of blindness, and bondage. The Liberty Bell is inscribed as Proclaim Liberty Through Jesus Christ who Liberates All of Us.

Read Along: https://isaiah58ministries.blogspot.com/2024/02/god-says-storm-is-about-to-hit.html
Road Trip to Oxford Indiana
0:00-7:00 Bob Jones Harvest Prophesy Read Out Loud 7 minutes long
Edited Sermon Dan Patch Revival The Whole Truth. Full filling Harvest Prophesy 2:56-25:34 20 minute long https://rumble.com/v4d0jfk-edited-live-dan-patch-revival-oxford-indiana-with-resistance-chicks.html
Testimonies: https://rumble.com/v4cu84u-testimony-of-healing-from-dan-patch-revival.html 0:00- 7:20, 7 minutes long
Bo Polny 1:44-9:44, 8 minutes long Talks about Harvest Prophesy
Christine Vales see blog
February 9, through March 10, 2024 Adar is all about Strength, Joy
The month of Adar! 12th Month 5784 The Year of the Door, Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ at every door. Good News of God’s love, and forgiveness, and then he empowers us with Himself his Holy Spirit. “Proclaim his name at every door.”
1st ADAR 5784 Chalkboard Teaching by Christine Vales

Rumble Part 1

Bitchute Part 1

Rumble Part 2

Bitchute Part 2

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