❤️‍🔥💥💥HUGE WORD! Don’t Fear Their Great Reset, Fear God’s Great Reset! 02-22-2022

Christa Elijah: Jesus Left You, RUN! Chase After Him! Catch Up With Him.
Maysville Church, Apple Creek Ohio, Prayer and fasting, Truckers Convoy, Freedom Fellowship, Banners4Freedom, Elements, Experiencing God, Fire, Water, Dirt, Air, Bread of Life, Crumbling Bread pour, oil set of fire, High Priest Eat the sacrifice, Light of the World

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2 years ago

I’m stepping into the ring right now ! I left the communist corporation Costco ! My tipping point was Costco giving the kill shot to children !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m stepping into the ring and I’m ready for God to use me for SUCH A TIME AS THIS !!! I’m not exactly sure what that is right now … But I know … JESUS IS NOT WAITING FOR ME TO CHANGE THE WORLD … HE IS WAITING FOR ME TO BE HIS SO HE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD !!! I’ve been reading , studying and praying without ceasing … the lifting weights part… now I need to step in to the battle and get experience . It’s quite terrifying but I KNOW THE ROCK I STAND ON !!! JESUS IS VICTOR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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